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From the World Biosphere Reserve - a different kind of good water

Introduced advanced

technology equipment

from France Sidel

10,000 years of

underground deep

granite filtration


More than 300
Chinese treasured
species are associated with each other

Hengshang Hot

Spring is about 20

degrees from the

water intake to the

filling temperature

From the World
Biosphere Reserve
Rich in metasilicate-rich trace elements

Forest coverage 92% origin package

A hundred years of moisturizing

From the 7000 hectares of virgin forest in Jinggang Mountain, it contains a variety of

mineral elements beneficial to human health.Multi-rock natural filtration 100% water source filling

Talented water, the source of health

Selected water quality

The 100-year-old moisturizing mineral water is

derived from the underground rock layer below

160 meters, rich in silicic acid, calcium, potassium and other trace elements beneficial to human


Pure taste

100-year-old moisturizing mineral water with pure taste, high quality, safe and

reliable, thirst-quenching products, make the body full of vitality

Healthy thirst

After the exercise, you need to add water.

When you have a meal, the taste of the dish is too heavy. Come and drink a bottle of

natural mineral water for a hundred years!

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